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Maria Fernanda de Peter

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María Fernanda de Peter, a Guatemalan citizen, she studied industrial design at the Rafael Landívar University and at the Italian School "Industrial Design Centre" in Uruguay. She also studied Fine Arts at the School of Fine Arts in Uruguay. " Currently studying art history at the "Francisco Marroquín University.

She teaches art to children and youngsters at the Academy of Art Ars Artis and implemented in her pedagogical method teaching principles of the Montessori method. She has been a student of drawing and painting for several years of Maestro Walter Peter.

Participated in the Group Exhibit "Passion and Life" at Casa del Águila in November 2006 and also in the Group Exhibit "Freedom and Justice" at the Ixchel Museum in February 2009. Maria Fernanda is well known for her excellent portraits, both in drawing and painting.

"Retrato Hijos"
Lápiz, claroscuro sobre papel
"David de Miguel Ángel"
Lápiz, claroscuro sobre papel
Lápiz, claroscuro sobre papel
Lápiz, claroscuro sobre papel
Óleo sobre tela
Óleo sobre tela
Óleo sobre tela
Acuarela sobre papel
"Tómame o Déjame"
Óleo sobre papel
"Calle del Arco"
Acuarela sobre papel



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