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 About the Artist

Born in Guatemala on 1965, Walter Peter Brenner has been a professional artist for 31 years and sculptor for 21. Walter learned drawing   and painting with his father, Walter Peter Koller, a well renowned Guatemalan painter. Peter’s education includes Architecture at The Francisco Marroquin University, Guatemala, drawing, ceramic and sculpture courses at The School of Fine Arts, Zürich, Switzerland and Visual Arts at the Superior School of Art PLART, USAC, Guatemala. He has also served as General director and Professor at his own ART SCHOOL ARS ARTIS since 1993 and Professor in artistic drawing at the Faculties of Architecture, Interior Design and Graphic Design at the Istmo and Rafael Landívar Universities.

He has presented 7 personal exhibitions, 2 of them in Switzerland, and participated approximately in 40 collective exhibitions, as in e few auctions. He is perhaps best known as the creator of THE COLUSSUS OF INMACO, a 30’ high monument, made of terracotta, and THE ATLAS LIBERTAS, a 15´ x 15´ medium relief, made of sheet bronze for the School of Business at the Francisco Marroquín University.

Walter also achieved the First place at the   Art Competition of the COG to participate in ART & SPORT 2000 of the COI in Lausanne, Switzerland with PURPOSE, THE ARCHER, which expresses how man should aim at himself  to succeed in life, this life. Recently, in May 2014 his chiselled beige Guatemalan marble masterpiece was inaugurated in Paseo Cayalá,: “DAWN: The Giant of Cayalá”, the biggest sculpture in Guatemala 55’ feet long, 9’ feet high, a sculpture that took him more than 3 years to be finished and  expresses “The Pursuit of Happiness”.